Peafowl Rule the Roost at Rocking B-A-B Ranch

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Whether you are a peafowl breeder, collector, hobbyist, or just a bird watcher, no one can deny the “awe” inspiring beauty of a peacock!! With nearly 500 peafowl present on our farm at any given time, we are on the verge of obsession when it comes to peafowl. We raise over 55 varieties of peafowl, including 10 of the 13 color mutations currently available. We were also very fortunate to have had the opportunity to import all 3 subspecies of Pavo Muticus Green peafowl in 2006. These superior birds are from Wolfgang Mennig’s bloodline in Germany. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work for the conservation of these extravagant birds and we welcome your efforts to join us.

We have spent a great deal of time and effort putting together what we feel is an exceptional collection of peafowl. In doing so, we cannot overestimate the importance of flock health through preventive medicine, genetic diversity, proper nutrition, and plenty of housing space! We aspire to only breed and produce the highest quality peafowl available. Although everyone cannot visit our ranch and see the birds in person, we hope you can catch a glimpse of what we are all about through this website.

We offer all ages of peafowl for sale year round! So please, take a moment to look through our pages and find something to add to your collection. We specialize in Exporting peafowl, all over the world, so if you are interested in having birds sent to an international location we would be glad to work with you. Please contact us for specific needs.

In creating this site our goal is to provide you with the most accurate information available. Whether you are looking to purchase some peafowl or just to expand your knowledge, we want to provide you with what you need! From beginners to experts, we have something to offer. If you find the information you are looking for is not available here, please contact us with specific inquiries and we will do our best to provide you with answers.

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